About Us

The genesis of Chemistry of Growth can be traced back to an initial frustration with the lack of accessible techno-economic training resources. Recognising the critical importance of understanding the intersection of technology and economics in driving innovation and commercialisation, we were inspired to launch this initiative. Our goal is to fill the gap and provide aspiring innovators and entrepreneurs with the necessary tools, knowledge, and resources to navigate the complex landscape of economic modelling and innovation successfully. Through our platform, we aspire to improve access to techno-economic training and empower the next generation of innovators to transform ideas into reality.

We pride ourselves on our dynamic team, who bring a wealth of experience in innovation and commercialisation from various facets of university operations. From research and development to entrepreneurship and technology transfer, our team have been at the forefront of driving innovation and translating academic research into real-world impact. With a rich background in navigating the intricacies of university ecosystems, we understand the challenges and opportunities that arise in bringing innovative ideas to market.

Our motivation stems from a deep-seated commitment to creating a positive and enduring legacy of change through the translation of research into tangible outcomes. We believe in the transformative power of research-driven innovation to address societal challenges, drive economic growth, and improve quality of life. By fostering a culture of collaboration and knowledge exchange, we aim to empower individuals and organisations to leverage their research and intellectual capital for meaningful impact.

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