Our Approach

At Chemistry of Growth, we believe that economics is what connects applied research with industry. It can make increase the likelihood of success, improve the rate of partnering and find new productive areas of research. 
We achieve this through five generic steps for well managed techno-economic analyses.

1. Understanding Your Objectives

The first step is to thoroughly understand your objectives, challenges, and constraints. Whether you’re seeking to write grant applications, land an industry partner or strategically develop your research, we work closely with you to define the scope of the project and identify key performance indicators.

2. Convert Experimental Plans to Processes

Taking the steps of a research plan, we can help you develop a process flow diagram. This stage sees the first of the communication tools used for industry partnering. From there, we can help you identify the key data needs of the model. 

3. Data Collection & Cleaning

Once we have a clear understanding of your objectives and information needs, we begin the data collection and cleaning process. We gather relevant data from a variety of sources and proceed to assess data quality and inconsistencies systematically, increasing accuracy and reliability in analysis.

4. Model Development

With data ready to go, we proceed to commence modelling. This models operational and capital costs that feed into the financial summary and sensitivity analysis. If comparable systems exist, those can be compared at this point for verification.

5. Interpretation and Reporting

Modelling data, in particular its visualisation, provides strategic and actionable insights for the research’s forward direction. This also allows for interpretation of potential competitive advantages and partnering pathways.

We choose to focus on supporting the research community, as this is how we can help make meaningful and global impact. Economics helps pinpoint how we make research translate into solutions that continue to make impact well beyond our lifetimes. Reach out if you think we can be of help in making you achieve your this with your work.