At Chemistry of Growth, we help translate research. The language that can bridge research and industry is economics, so we specialise in techno-economic modelling.

Tailored Economic Modelling

We create customise economic models to suit your specific research objectives, ensuring precision and relevance in every analysis.

Strategic Research Planning

Partner with us to develop strategic research plans, leveraging our expertise in economic modelling to guide your analysis and decision-making.

Data Collection, Analysis & Interpretation

Our team excels in data collection, analysis and interpretation, saving you time and extracting actionable insights from complex datasets to inform your research endeavors.

Facilitated Industry Collaboration

Facilitating research- industry collaboration, we use techno-economic models to deepen industry relationships and customise and communicate the impact of research.

Economic Writing for Grant Applications

We can help create impact estimations, utilising economic modelling to quantify the effects of proposed initiatives for governments and industry.

Training & Workshops

We offer training sessions and workshops on economic modelling techniques, equipping researchers with the skills and knowledge needed to leverage economic analysis effectively.